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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Policy Statement

Bülle Chaussures Inc. has a policy for the management of collection, use and disclosure personal information pursuant to the standards mentioned in the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (Canada) and An Act respecting the Protection of personal information in the private sector (Quebec) (together the “Law”). In order to comply with the requirements of the Law and for the purposes of transparency and ethics, Bülle Chaussures Inc. has adopted a policy for the protection of personal information and privacy that it has committed to respect. In some cases personal information may be collected, used or disclosed without the knowledge of the person concerned and without his consent. These exceptions non-restrictively include personal information gathered (I) for legal, medical or security purposes, (II) for the detection and prevention of fraud or for the application of the Law and (III) for journalistic, artistic or literary purposes.

Bülle Chaussures Inc. may revise this Privacy Policy at its own discretion and at any time by merely updating this page. Use of the Website after such changes are posted will constitute an acceptance of this revised Privacy Policy. 

Compliance with Law

Bülle Chaussures Inc. shall abide by the requirements of the Law governing any personal information, that is to say any information concerning a physical person and that allows identifying him or her.


Bülle Chaussures Inc. is responsible for the personal information which it manages and it has appointed a coordinator for the management of personal information who will ensure compliance with the Law.

Determining the uses of the information collected 

 The purposes for which the personal information is collected are determined by Bülle Chaussures Inc. before or during the collection of such information. As of the date of this policy, the purposes for which personal information is collected are as follows:

  • Identify users and their place of residence;
  • Identify the user’s language of correspondence;
  • Complete the on-line sale of a product;
  • Open an account in the name of a user who has applied for it;
  • Register a user who has requested it on a mailing list of catalogues, promotions or other current information;
  • Register a user who has made an application for a contest;
  • Conduct polling among users who wish to participate to determine their habits, needs and tastes;
  • Determine a user’s interests in order to optimize Website use.



Bülle Chaussures Inc. ensures every person is advised about any collection, use or disclosure of personal information which concerns that person and that he or she consents to it.

Restriction to collecting information

Bülle Chaussures Inc. collects personal information that is required only for the purposes it has determined above.

Restriction to the use, disclosure and storage of information 

Personal information is not used or disclosed for purposes other than for which it was collected unless the person concerned consented thereto or if it is authorized under Law. Bülle Chaussures Inc. shall store personal information only as long as is necessary for the determined purposes.

In compliance with the above, Bülle Chaussures Inc. may disclose your personal information to third parties with whom it does business, that is to say: 

  1. To the financial or credit institution that is used for the on-line purchase of a product (in connection with the use of the customer’s credit card); and 
  2. To suppliers of service to Bülle Chaussures Inc. who have entered into a contract which offers a comparable level of protection of personal information and who use the personal information for its business purposes with Bulle Chaussures Inc., especially for its administrative needs in communication, archiving and document management.


Personal information must be as precise, complete and up to date as required for the purposes for which it is to be used. Every user from whom Bulle Chaussures Inc. has collected personal information is entitled to modify his file to correct imprecise, incomplete or ambiguous information and to have outdated information struck out, as well as information that is not warranted by the purpose of the file or to make written comments and have them filed on record.

Safety measures

Personal information is protected by safety measures that correspond to their level of sensitivity.

Without restricting the generality of the foregoing, our Website has certain mechanisms and features which allow an enhanced protection of your personal information through the use of firewalls, electronic encryption or secure transaction sites. The orders you send us are hosted on a secure server. In addition, we use the services of Shopify Payments, a firm specialized in electronic transactions, to process payments.


By posting this policy on its Website, Bülle Chaussures Inc. ensures that specific information about its policies and practices concerning the management of personal information are easily accessible to everyone. For any questions about this policy, please contact the Personal Information Management Coordinator, who is responsible for the Privacy Policy at Bülle Chaussures Inc. at the address or telephone number or fax number specified in the section entitled Notices, Complaints and Disclosure of Conditions of Use so we may answer as best as possible.

Access to personal information 

Bülle Chaussures Inc. shall advise any person who requests it, of the existence of personal information that concerns him or her, of the use made of such information, whether it has been disclosed to third parties and shall allow that person to have access to such information. It is also possible to contest the accuracy and completeness of such information and to make the appropriate corrections.

Please note that access to your file containing your personal information is free of charge. However, we may require a reasonable fee for the reproduction and forwarding of personal information. As the case may be we will notify you ahead of time of the amount of these fees.

Possibility of making a complaint about the infringement of these principles

In case of the infringement of the above-mentioned principles, any person may complain to Bülle Chaussures Inc. by contacting the Privacy Policy Coordinator at the address or the telephone and fax numbers specified in the section entitled Notices, Complaints and Disclosure of Conditions of Use of the Conditions of Use.


Each and every employee of Bülle Chaussures Inc. who collects, stores or uses personal information is required to ensure that the collection, use and disclosure of this information is done in compliance with this policy and the relevant procedures.

No storage of information outside of Quebec 

Bülle Chaussures Inc. stores your information within the territorial limits of Quebec. However, the information collected for the payment of products is gathered by Shopify TM and is kept on their servers. Bülle Chaussures Inc. cannot guarantee that this information is not kept on servers located outside of Quebec or Canada and cannot be held liable for any prejudice resulting therefrom.

Other information and conditions concerning privacy and safety 

We invite you to read the Conditions of Use of the Bülle Chaussures Inc. Website to know more about the conditions which apply to your use of the Website and to your personal information.